Running from a "flash disk" ...

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Running from a "flash disk" ...

Postby bob selby » Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:21 am

SInce it seems I cannot easily run from RAM I have bought a 2GB Transcend IDE flash drive for £19.

I'd like to maximize the life of this drive (they do have a very large, but finite, life in terms of number of write cycles).

I suspect that "logging" is the main source of write traffic on my system - I'm not very interested in the long term history of the box, but would like to retain the display of current actinity and activity since boot.

What steps can I take to maximise the life of this drive ??

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Re: Running from a "flash disk" ...

Postby Lightning » Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:40 am

As long as you are NOT saving the logs to the disk then logging will not cause any writes to the hard drive by the system. The stock system only writes short term logs into ram. However packages will cause this to happen and probably your biggest source of writing to the disk will be the fact that you have Apache installed because of it's extensive logging by default. So if I were you I would look into slowing down some of Apache's logging and or try and build another way of storing it's logs. Which could be done using the old "logrotate" script from the early 03x series and modifying it to rotate and remove Apache's logs after they are stored in ram rather than to the disk. Of course if you do that be sure to give it a different name so it doesn't cause problems with the system.
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