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SATA support?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:25 pm
by dingetje
Does FREESCO support SATA?

I'm thinking of replacing the hard disk in my FREESCO box with a Solid State Disk (SSD).
These things usually come with a SATA or SATA-II interface.

The /proc/pci list on my FREESCO reports (among others):
PCI devices found:
Bus 0, device 31, function 2:
IDE interface: Intel Unknown device (rev 2).
Vendor id=8086. Device id=24d1.
Medium devsel. Fast back-to-back capable. IRQ 255. Master Capable. No bursts.
I/O at 0x0.
I/O at 0x0.
I/O at 0x0.
I/O at 0x0.
I/O at 0x0.

According to this device id is an Intel SATA controller.

Would that SATA controller be supported in any of the 3rd party FREESCO kernels?
Any other things I may need to consider?


Re: SATA support?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:08 pm
by Lightning
I am doubting that specific controller is currently supported. Justdave did add SATA support for the NVIDIA NFORCE3S, HPT366 and the Intel 82801BA SATA controllers that are included in the Triton kernel options of the 04x series kernels and it is entirely possible that the Intel controller could also be added in the same manor and it might be as simple as just adding the ID information for the controller. But I am really not sure of what would really be required. So maybe justdave can answer that question or if you want you can look in the 04x kernel source under /drivers/block/ at the triton.c source.
Of course you can just try one of the 04x kernels that includes Triton support and find out if the controller is recognized or not pretty easy.

Re: SATA support?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:02 pm
by dingetje
I've found some more info about that device on an ubuntu forum:

Identification Vendor: ‎Intel Corp.
Description: ‎82801EB ICH5 IDE (SATA)
Media class: ‎STORAGE_IDE
Connection Bus: ‎PCI
Bus PCI #: ‎0
PCI device #: ‎31
PCI function #: ‎2
Vendor ID: ‎0x8086
Device ID: ‎0x24d1
Sub vendor ID: ‎0x1028
Sub device ID: ‎0x0154
Misc Module: ‎ata_piix

The ata_piix module hardware support is listed here:
And that module

However, I believe that kernel driver requires at least a 2.4 or possibly even a 2.6 kernel.
From what I read in the source code comments ... ata_piix.c
Code: Select all
*  libata documentation is available via 'make {ps|pdf}docs',
*  as Documentation/DocBook/libata.*
*  Hardware documentation available at
* Documentation
*      Publically available from Intel web site. Errata documentation
* is also publically available. As an aide to anyone hacking on this
* driver the list of errata that are relevant is below, going back to
* PIIX4. Older device documentation is now a bit tricky to find.
* The chipsets all follow very much the same design. The orginal Triton
* series chipsets do _not_ support independant device timings, but this
* is fixed in Triton II. With the odd mobile exception the chips then
* change little except in gaining more modes until SATA arrives. This
* driver supports only the chips with independant timing (that is those
* with SITRE and the 0x44 timing register). See pata_oldpiix and pata_mpiix
* for the early chip drivers.

Note the mention of the Triton chipset!

I hope justdave can shed some light on the subject.