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Thanks for the new Freesco 0.4.4 !

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:14 am
by Speedy Lan
Hey Lightning, All,

Thanks for the new Freesco 0.4.4.
I had seen it some time ago, but was not able to do anything, but now I am doing a clean install with the new release.
I did not see any other posts on this topic, I can't be the first one to say great many thanks for this new update?


My freesco-box started to get hang-ups for no apparent reason after running for years.
And it got worse, now it does not want to fully start up freesco anymore, but it does run DOS without any problems....
(I checked with known to work installs, but none will work in that machine.)
So, I got a new machine and decided to do a new install too :)
Soon I will be having my freesco back, I use a router with wireless at the moment.

All the best,

Speedy Lan