TimeZone Information

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TimeZone Information

Postby bec » Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:53 pm

I've had a couple of instances where Freesco hasn't picked up the timezone file during a re-boot. This then makes the time of day configuration for internet access around 12 hours out (for me here in Oz).
I don't think I can find anywhere in the Control Panel that you can find which timezone file Freesco is using. In fact it is almost confusing as there is an entry for Timezone, however it is set to +0000 when a TZ file is being used.

So my suggestion would be to improve the diagnostics around which file and which timezone Freesco has picked up and is using.

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Re: TimeZone Information

Postby Lightning » Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:56 pm

Actually even in the control panel it shows the timezone on the first page included in the curent date and time string just before the year. For me as I use Pacific Standard time it shows PST. But if there is no timezone file it will show nothing as a zone. Also from the command line typing "date" will also show the same information.

However I do understand what you are saying to some degree and it might be helpful if the system shows the timezone in addition to "+0000" inside the system.cfg file when a timezone file is used. But if you run the

setup -> configure servers -> control time server

When you get to the time zone offset it already displays the current time zone in use by the system. But be aware that I am talking about the 04x series.
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