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Postby Guest » Tue Feb 04, 2003 10:22 pm

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The 150+ INSTANT requests for forum pages has brought the server down again !!! (34 out of the 42 lines displayed in "TOP", when it dies)

Is this a DoS attack or someone running a BOT or what ?

The forum is down until I determine that it is safe for me to have it running again, even if only temporary. ?Hopefully it will be back online very soon.


That was the "closed message" that I had posted when the forum was brought back on line this last time.

The server was being monitored while these ?attacks? were happening, at one time, and after they ALL started, at the same time (like they were run from a BOT or some other way that uses close to the same methods) the server ran out of all recources and crashed. ?There was no way to even shut down the processes as they came up, ?they were so quick it was not a clickable type request, but a pre-defined set of requests.

Now you take ANY server out there, what would over 150 (may even be closer to 200 or more) requests for the same file, all at the same time, do to the server ?? ?In my mind and some others, it would take it down, especially being a PERL/CGI file that is running and producing those pages. ?Now to me that might be construed as a "Denial of Service Attack", even if it is unintenssional, the final result is still a denial of service (not only this one site here, but all the other sites that are on this server).

I will not stand for it. ?Enough said there. ?Either these atacks stop right now, or there will be IP blockage. ?I have a Domain in the Netherlands that has downloaded more from the forum, than a lot of the others combined. ?This will be the first place I will be starting to look at closer. ?The only other place that has downloaded more is "ME, myself and I", no one else at all. ?The next closest in megabytes is about 30MB lower, now that is a little strange to me, the average is 2-3Mb and this one is over 40Mb worth of files from this actual site. ?That is a heck of a lot, don't you think, in comparison. ?I am not saying this ""IS"" the one, but this is very odd and would be a very good place to start.

Again, this will stop now or I will be blocking LARGE IP SEGMENTS, maybe even bringing the server off-line every night when I go to bed, when I can not sit here and babysit it every minute and WAIT for that ATTACK to start and crash the server, so I can call and have them hit the reset button, which I can not do in the middle of the night when there may not be some one there for a little while or until I wake up and find the site down.

I have had enough for now and am just getting more and more upset as I type. ?I will stop this post here and cool down while I do some more checking on this last attack and see if I can determine the exact place of origin. ?I will say that this has happened at many different times, so it is not on a regular "schedule" so to speak.

I have had people ask me to "let me at them" or to publically give out the information that points to the IP address. ?I will not do that. ?This will be taken care of, but will be done by me ( NOT a 3rd party, this is a first party issue) and will be handled as well as I can, but ... be warned, I am not in a good mood about this. :angry:


Postby Guest » Wed Feb 05, 2003 6:51 pm

<font color='#000000'>Ok, to let everyone know.  The forum will be down a little later tonight (tonight for me) while some work is done on the server.  I expect it to be a short amount of time.  I will be closing the forum in a little over 1 hour from this post to get things ready.


Postby Guest » Thu Feb 06, 2003 1:13 pm

<font color='#000000'>Ok, hopefully that will help.  I appologize if any one is refused service for a short time.  If there are any problems let me know and I will look into it.


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